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środa, 23 kwietnia 2008

Order of the White Eagle for Irena Sendlerowa

'For heroism, unusual courage and particular merits in saving human life’.With these words of the then president of Poland- Aleksander Kwaśniewski in October of 2003 handed the Order of the White Eagle (it is Poland's highest decoration awarded to both civilians and the military for their merits) to Irena Sendlerowa. ‘We are very proud that Madame Irena is among us, the lady who saved over 2,500 lives of Jewish children from the ghetto. Thanks to people like you, we believe that good still can win. We believe that a fragile woman is able to defeat even the strongest tyrants, that it is possible to behave bravely and decently and in consistence with human dignity and at the same time do so much’, the president said.
Irena Sendlerowa said that every saved life of Jewish child was excuse of her existence. Then she added that she dedicated this Order to collaborates and victims of Holocaust.

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