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wtorek, 20 maja 2008

The day of Irena's death-feedback

The day of Irena’s death and burial – feedback It was Monday 12.05.2008. That day was really happy, because the first school in Poland received the patronage of Irena Sendler. We were really excited when we were going to this ceremony. We knew that it was important day and special event. To the 23rd Secondary School in Warsaw came all friends of Irena and almost every person connected with Jewish Commune (The Polish Rabbi Michael Schudrih and many others) or some Jewish organizations(representatives of Association of “Children of the Holocaust” or chairman of Shalom Foundation – Gołda Tancer). This ceremony couldn’t take place without such important people like Sendler’s Jewish children rescued from The Warsaw Ghetto and of course young people – students from Warsaw schools. It was 11 o’clock when we came into the building we saw a big photography of Irena Sendler, but something was wrong - on the corner of this picture we saw a black sash – the sign of mourning. We couldn’t believe that she died, but when we saw Rabbi giving an interview for some TV channel we understood that that’s truth. It was something really strange for all of as. We didn't know if this ceremony will be. Director of this school said, that she thing that Irena didn't want to cancel ocasion like this. And it started with one minute of silent to hounor Irena's life. This ceremony was without any applause. This school was very good prepared to this ocasion: a few girls presents "Life in a Jar". And others student have painted her beautifull portrait. It was amazing. One day Irena have said: "I don't need to have a Nobel. I already have Nobel, because I'm a patronage of Polisch school. For me, its the best award"
I'm sure that we won't forget about Irena Sendler and that we will pass on her history for next generations. We belive, she will be with us during ours whole live. Even that she is with God already she is still living. In our hearts.

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