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wtorek, 9 października 2007

Irena Sendler

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Family Name: Sendlerowa Irena Sendler As young
First Name: Irena
Father Name: Stanislaw Krzyzanowski Mother Name: Janina Krzyzanowska (from home : Gdzybowska)
Birth Date: 15.02.1910
Town In Holocaust: Warsaw

Country In Holocaust: Poland
Profession (Main) In Holocaust: member of ZEGOTA, nurse.

The life story of Irena Sendlerowa. ( codename Jolanta)

Irena Sendlerowa has been known as catholic member of Polish community who was helping Jews during WW2 for not a long time. Thanks to a group of high school students from Uniontown, Kansas – USA- she has became well-known as that woman who saved 2500 Jewish children.

She was born on 15.02. 1910 in Otwock (a small town about 15 miles southeast of Warsaw). Her father - Stanisław Krzyżanowski- was a doctor in Otwock ( most of his patients were the Jews),a social worker and a member of PPS – Polish Socialist Party.
Before the WW2 she studied Polish language at the university and like her father she was a member of PPS in Warsaw. During the German occupation she was a social worker in ŻEGOTA – Aid to Jews in Polish “underground”. In nurse’s disguise she was provisioning food , medicines and money for Jews who lived in the Warsaw Ghetto.
Sendlerowa and her collaborators rescued almost 2500 Jewish kids from the ghetto and she put them to Polish (Christian) families, orphanages and orders. However it was not an easy task.
Children were transported from the ghetto in boxes, bags which were hidden in cars.
Each child had to be prepared to be sent to new families. Sendlerowa made new IDs for them and she wrote their real names (and short information about them) and she put it to the jars to give them back their real families after the war.
Until autumn in 1943 she was a boss of the children department in ŻEGOTA.
On 18.10 1943 she was arrested, tortured by the Gestapo in Warsaw jail- Pawiak .
After 1945 she was working in Warsaw Welfare department and she set up orphanages and daily emergency service for kids. What is more she worked in the Red Cross organization then and she studied at the nurse school.

Teresaand Irena in YadVashem JerusalemIn 1965 she was awarded the title of Righteous Among the Nations by the Yad Vashem organization in Jerusalem. In 1991 she was made a honorary citizen of Izrael.
In 2001 she was visited by a group of high school students from Uniontown, Kansas - the USA.
That group of students created a prize-winning dramatic presentation “ Life in a jar” which was inspired by Irena Sendlerowa.

Now she is 97 years old and she still lives in Warsaw.

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